I’ve never been an avid blogger. This is most likely because my mind goes crazy as soon as I start to write something for someone else. Everything has to be perfect and I have to make sure that everything I discuss has been covered thoroughly.

This blog is somewhat of an experiment with multiple objectives. Firstly, I’d like to improve my writing skills and work on my writing style. Secondly, I’d like to contribute something meaningful and hopefully help some people as I do this. Lastly, I’d like to use it as a way of forcing myself to learn new things that have been on the back-burner for far too long by writing something about it. Keeping these three goals in mind, I’ll force myself to write something, say, once every two weeks for the next few months. In January, I’ll write a follow-up post to this one and evaluate how things are going.

The topics I’ll be covering will mostly be technical and computing-related. I hope to be able to publish some tutorials on learning new programming languages, though I will assume you are familiar with some other programming language). Though other topics I hope to cover are machine learning, theoretical computer science, Linux and pretty much anything I’m into that I’d like to write about. I’ll also be maintaining my own personal “Hall of Fame.” This will entail writing a short post about someone, usually because of their accomplishments, and why I feel they deserve in my “Hall of Fame.” Think of it as a big list of role-models, if you wish. If you have anything you’d like to talk to me about, would like to see on this blog or if you have any suggestions, you can either contact me or comment on the appropriate post.

I hope you enjoy the blog and that I somehow manage to help you or add some value.