Inktober is finally here!

Today while looking for inspiration on basic ink drawings, I came across something called Zentangles. I thought they were be perfect because I tend to work better with patterns with my analytical mind. Ironically, a lot of guides to getting started with drawing suggest doing basic doodles to get familiar with your pen and start the process of building up muscle memory in your hand. They also seem quite similar to mandalas, which I’d like to try later on in the month.

I ended up drawing the six Zentangles below.

Zentangles I drew for day 1 of Inktober 2019

Most of them are inspired by other patterns online. There is a website called Tangled Patterns which has a huge directory of them. You can see my hand is quite unstable and not used to drawing.

I tried practicing a few things, such as playing around with the pressure to get different line weights and trying not to cross certain lines. This proved difficult. As with all things, practice will make perfect and it is only day 1 after all.

Till tomorrow.