Make It Rain

I only recently heard about a new fixed and mobile data network in South Africa called Rain. I’m currently facing issues with a fibre line installation and thought I would give Rain a try until the fibre is installed.

I placed my order yesterday, 16 January 2019, at 10:30. It cost R50 for the SIM and 7 days uncapped data, and R1 for delivery by RAM couriers. This morning at 10:48 I got a call from RAM: They were in the mail room! 42 minutes after the delivery I was FICA verified. Rain had managed to process my order completely in just over 24 hours!

After downloading 10.9GB in an hour, I decided to run some speed tests. The LTE router used was a Huawei B315. The results:

Result ID Ping (ms) Download (Mbps) Upload (Mbps)
7965385485 16 25.84 17.65
7965391008 15 31.88 18.22
7965395209 16 28.54 17.1
7965397984 18 28.66 16.07
7965400691 37 28.02 15.66
Average 20.4 28.588 16.94

These speeds are above the average speed for mobile networks in South Africa and well above the average for fixed broadband speeds according to the Speedtest Global Index. Depending on how the next 7 days go, I might keep the Rain SIM in my phone permanently even after the fibre is installed as I am extremely impressed with what I have seen thus far!